Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bike the Trail of Conspicuous Consumption

"In only a few places in the world would the nickname of this trail be an understatement, and Palm Beach, Florida, is one of them. The approximately nine miles of out-and-back along the ritzy intracoastal waterway near Lake Worth attracts all sorts to ride its golf-cart width of asphalt. The trail still makes those same turns near the museum shaded by buttonwood, Christmas palm, and other native species. One of those, the gumbo limbo, is also called the "tourist tree" for its red, peeling bark. Lake Trail is a popular site not only for bikers, but for walkers, joggers, and in-line skaters. "

Had a great ride.
Didn't take any pictures of the palaces we passed..too busy keeping up with the pack.
After wards ate at Too-Jays
Got a lesson in economics.

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Mel said...


Who cares about eating with THAT view.......

(keep in mind mine is of snow and dead/sleeping trees....)