Thursday, December 11, 2008

My last Vacation Day

I drove my bike to the beach since it was rainy and windy.
Going south on the Broadwalk was hard, riding into the wind.
Got caught in one major downpour. Rode into Charnow Park and hung out under the overhang. Rode more than 5 miles, slowly.
Found a nice bench to have my lunch. Cheese sandwich with Cassava chips and Miracle Whip and 2 beers. Read my book and had the whole beach to myself.
I think my face is sunburnt or windburnt.
My butt hurts.


Linda said...

I honestly don't think that I could ride a bike after two beers (I am a complete and total lightweight!). I'd end being charged with BWI - biking while intoxicated!

Mel said...

:-) Oh, the thought of a nice bench, a quiet lunch and the beach to myself....what a great afternoon of it!

Maybe a different bike seat is in order? ;-)

Last Minute Lyn said...

I need padded bike shorts I think