Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weston Dark Side of the Moon Tour

I rode George's Dark Side of the Moon Tour again. It was in Weston again but we did the tour backwards. Still about 11 miles. I think they were going faster this time because I couldn't keep up. I still was plodding along at 8-10 mph

Once they got so far away I could barely see their lights. I got a little frightened, we are riding out in the middle of nowhere close to the everglades. That swamp monster could have jumped out of the bushes and dragged me home for dinner.
I stopped to take pics of the lit up palms and thought I got lost but managed to find my way back to the car.
One of the riders had a real bright headlamp. I thought he turned around to find me and started thanking him but it wasn't him. Some woman who doesn't speak English well thinks there is a nutty bicyclist on the loose.
I couldn't stay and eat with the group thanks to my banking fiasco so drove home and had beer in the Hot Tub.

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