Sunday, December 07, 2008

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

Something was up with the meet-up calender on Thursday night and a ride we wanted to go on today was showing for Sunday the 14th, so I let Lina know. Friday it was showing again on the 7th and I let Lina know. Somehow our wires got crossed and Lina made other plans so I'm biking alone today with the new group.

I have to use my last vacation day this week because Carlos is on Vacation next week and then black out till the end of the year.

One of my Ninja's is going to India for December and most of January. I hope she stays safe.

The company is phasing out Eagle Vision Non Glare with Diamond Coat and introducing Non Glare with Clear shield. They recalled all my finished lenses and haven't replaced them yet, so all single vision with premium non glare have to be done at the special lab until we get the new ones.

I have completed 3 years of service with ECCA. I got a gift check, certificate and a new pair of glasses..wooohoo.

The Fire Marshal stopped by on Monday to fine me and he wasn't near as cute without his fireman hat and tight t-shirt. The big gold band on his left finger detracted from his appearance too.

I had to get a new email address because of the bellsouth snafu. My old address was my whole first name and now its chopped up. Just when I finally have everyone trained to say my whole first name, bellsouth shortened it up on me again.


Mel said...

How nice of him to come and personally deliver the fine....


Linda said...

Those big gold bands on the left-hand are generally a major disappointment if one happens to like the look of what the rest of the hand is attached to!