Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Adventure

Our ride today will be a total of 14 miles in length (7 miles in and 7 miles out) and will give us the opportunity to visit two of the remote campgrounds in this section of The Big Cypress National Preserve. The terrain is a double track dirt road and is probably not suitable for the skinny tire road bicycles. A sturdy hybrid or mountain bicycle would be best suited for this ride due to the gravel and sandy patches in the roadway.

The first campground we will visit is The Pink Jeep Campground. It is about halfway in at 3.5 miles and there is a medium sized pond here, where last year we saw at least thirty alligators that were calling it home. There is also a primitive restroom here, the only one you will see today.

The Gator Head Campground is 7 miles in and is our turnaround point for the ride today. Here we will stop for a thirty minute rest break, so we will have time for a quick little picnic. Bring your sandwiches, fruit, trail mix, juices or whatever it is you desire.

After our little picnic we will head back out the same way we came in, again stopping at The Pink Jeep Campground for the opportunity to use the only restroom within miles of this remote place.


Linda said...

So how was the "chilly 80 degrees" you had for this ride? It's a very cold 14 degrees here with a wind chill factor of about negative 10! No bike riding here I tell ya!

Last Minute Lyn said...

It was a beautiful day and a great ride

Mel said...

Yaknow...this is a brilliant thing for you, this bike riding. Even if your rearend gets sore.....LOL

Out, about and seeing the sights....wonderful!