Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

When your elderly and going shopping to buy glasses..its a good idea to wear your hearing aid..seriously I cannot stress this point enough!

All babies smell good but grandbabies smell better.

I have never been afraid of heights or seasick but I got a little woozy coming down the stairs of the lighthouse. It was a circular staircase and it had a definite sway.

My computer only has 1/10 of the ram that most computers come with..the reason I'm having so much trouble.

I hate the Geico website..They send me an email telling me I can print my id cards. I go to the website and before I can print the id cards it asks for my policy id and tells me I can find it on my id card. WTF

I have to put the chunky mountain bike tires on the new mountain bike...I got bogged down in the sand with my bum knee and lost the group...I had to lead 2 newbies back to the car the only way I knew how.

They said my back would stop hurting when I strenthend my core muscles..they were right..I just hate it when they are right.

1 comment:

Mel said...

Ah well--at least your bogged down in the sand led to good things for the newbies?
And you're so right about the hearing aid--and shopping for groceries too, please.......omgosh....LOL