Saturday, August 07, 2010

Hollywood urban Ride

Vanessa is back but she didn't post her photos yet..this is the only one I took with my cell. Olympus is playing stupid with my camera..I'm not happy with the service.
First when I called the tech was great..said it was covered under warranty, he could see where I purchased it and he would send me shipping info and work order by email.
More Nothing
I emailed the company and they suddenly can't find my purchase or record I ever called...The email form, before you ask the question, asks for your name address phone number all that....they snottily said in this email..we would need your name address phone number...duh.
So I sent in the camera with warranty card, packing slip, note whats wrong with name address and phone number.
Tracked was delivered on July 27th
no call, no email
So Thursday I sent another email...mind you I filled out the very same form with name address phone number.
Last night I received a email from Olympus asking for my name address and phone number.
I'm just not happy and I don't have a camera!!!

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Mel said...

Boy--what they seem to have is a major lack of communication! Yikes.
And the camera took really good photos, too.

That's too bad......the good news is you have it tracked. Persevere!! Go get 'em!!