Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seven Things I didn't know last Sunday

When I joined this gym, Shondelle told me I would be a stronger biker. I didn't think one had much to do with the other but I am becoming a stronger biker.

The week before (July 29th)we had a accident on Thursday night...the Rabbit group. Square Joe has been saying too many people are showing up for this ride and someone was going to get hurt and someone did. This week the rabbits behaved themselves behind the Turtles..guess they had a rude awakening. Square Joe has decided not to ride on Thursdays anymore..well he was a rabbit anyway.

Olympus Customer service claims they did not get my camera until Aug 9. UPS tracking says it was delivered July 27th and I have the name of the receiver. "Well it was checked in by that person but on Aug 9th" So UPS is lying? "I can't say that but our records say that person checked the camera in on Aug 9th" Remind me not to deal with this company next time I want a camera.

On Aug 11 on the hump day ride, I got up to 19mph on the mountain bike. The mountain bike with the chunky beaver ground grabber tires!

Tuesday I went to a wine tasting with the other Hollywood Winos..afterward everyone got a glass of wine and I got a Raspberry Wheat Ale. I'm going to be kicked out of the winos.

I'm getting a new upstairs neighbor. I sure hope its not another family of wild water buffaloes.

I'm still having trouble with the clips...I haven't fallen(knock on wood) but I have a very hard time starting and stopping..getting in and getting out. I want to try an experiment to see if its me or the shoes..I have to find someone with feet my size tho.

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Mel said...

Sheeeeeesh. The good news is you don't haffta continue to deal with those folks who aren't inclined to tell the truth.
Well, at least not after the warranty is up.


I do hope the injury wasn't a severe one. It's sad people wouldn't be pro-active and someone ended up injured, though.....