Thursday, September 23, 2010

WANNA RIDE to Wolf Lake Park?

petrified lizard skin Sue found in the tree near the Hungry Howies

This is how Vanessa gets her group shots

Alyse has been away for so long I surprised her by taking a photo

This house looks like it belongs in the Shire

I'm gonna sit right here and wait for you

Moon Peeping

These 4 Amigos got lost...the rest of the group turned and by the time we got to the corner they were no where to be found.


Mel said...

Eek!! That is not a happy lizard!

But that is a beautiful walkway. And everyone looks kinda happy--'cept the lizard....LOL

Sonja said...

So, let me get this was a close-up of a Lizard? Good grief, I thought it was a T-Rex.