Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seven things I didn't know last Sunday

Scientists have known for decades that time passes faster at higher elevations and now they have the tools to measure those differences in a small scale. A pair of aluminum atomic clock can test Einstein's theory of relativity at a more down-to-earth scale of 33 centimeters, or about 1 foot, demonstrating, for instance, that you age faster when you stand a couple of steps higher on a staircase.

I found out I'm old...and I have it from a reliable source.  The Dermatologist when asked to look at the sun spot on my arm told me it wasn't a sun spot but a symptom of my advancing is an age spot.

Star Trek NG can be very profound at times....In all trust there is the possibility of betrayal.

Just a few workouts into the cross-fit gym I joined I hurt my knee. I was sprinting and something crunched. I'm not a real big fan of doctors so I was looking for an alternative but still need to use my insurance...finally I found a acupuncturist that takes my insurance.  I see her Tuesday..I will keep you posted.

For the 1st time since 1991, the moon was full on the autumn equinox.

I have a new kayak.  Fernando gave me the red Old Town Kayak.

My new upstairs neighbor turned out not to be a herd of wild buffalo's but one woman and her little dog.  I had to have the "washer/dryer conversation" but other than that she's been pretty quiet.


Linda said...

Seriously? I didn't know that about higher elevations and advancing age! I guess that's why they always call them the old mountain folk!

Ouch on the knee! Hope the acupuncturist can get that taken care of for you!

Mel said...

I hope the accupuncture turns out to be a good experience for you.

<-- now going to the basement.

Makes sense to me.
And I ain't coming back up the stairs! :-/