Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fort Lauderdale Urban Ride

The guys

The girls

The pedestrian walkway that keeps me off my roadie for this ride

waiting for the light before the left turn onto the bridge.

The 17th Street Causeway

before the Andrews Ave bridge and walkway we got a light and water show

The wind was mighty

Fer is awake..what about you Jose?

more mighty wind

Fer won't let me fall behind.

Bill likes to answer back to ignorant motorists..."Do you want to get your ass kicked by someone wearing spandex?"

Mauricio can fit 2 bikes in my car

Where is Mauricio?

Oh there he is..mightier than the wind

We all managed to get into this one..even Jose

1 comment:

Mel said... could you not stop for that water show. I'm amazed the camera captured it so well.