Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Seven Things I didn't know last Sunday

Football huddles started at Gallaudet University..they drew in close to plot plays so the opposing team could not read their hands.

The main body of Bicyclists in a race is called a Peloton.  They also use the term for a main body of riders in a group ride.

2 rides totaling 36.8 miles and  strong headwind with gusts to 35mph will wear me out enough to turn down a sunrise ride.

I actually had a woman argue with me about my Health Insurance ID because what the card said did not correspond with what someone in her company typed in the computer.  I was waving the card in her face and she still was telling me it wasn't my id# because it wasn't what her computer said.  It would explain why they didn't get paid.

I have an Avocado tree in my this pay period  I'm living on avocados.  I was getting kinda tired of  black beans and rice.

Now..not only am I broke and poor but I'm a starving student too.

I'm an organizer for South Florida Bike Club with my own ride on Sundays....I have to find a guest organizer for the weeks I'm camping.


Mel said...

Wow. An avacado tree!
I have the neighbors apple tree.
I'm thinking stealing avacados would be equally fun! ;-)

Sonja said...

You just don't know how strange it is to read that you eat BEANS!