Monday, November 15, 2010

My theory on the streaker

The streaker came out of a Oriental Massage Parlor.  He ran to his SUV..Beat on it...Walked back to the storefront.  Stopped to chat to a couple of men he was very agitated.   Walked back into the Massage parlor grabbed a red sash that barley covered him.  Went back to the SUV beat on it some more then ran around the building.

My theory is the massage did not come with a happy ending..he got mad and refused to pay and they wouldn't give him his clothing back.

Jose called the police and when he was describing the streaker they asked if he was white or black..Jose replied brown, I didn't see any tan lines.

The Police came and brought him back to the Massage parlor..He was carrying a cup of something at this point.  Once he lifted the sash to wipe his face, giving us all a nice shot of his package, again.

We may never know what really happened but it made for a very interesting morning.


Mel said...


One peek woulda been enough. Tsk tsk tsk....what's up with sticking around for the show? LOLOL

Last Minute Lyn said...

We had brunch and a show

Gnightgirl said...

I read this post first, and thought "dang, no pix?"...then I scrolled down and said Yayyyyy!! Hilarious. Naked people in public are so exciting. I was downtown chicago once, when a Naked Bikeide went by, for one cause or another. 100 Naked people on bikes. Boy, that's a shocker.