Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seven Things I didn't Know Last Sunday

Since my last CPT was in 2007 they could not use the scores..the scores are just good for 2 years.  They were confused when I said I took 2 math classes for no credit so they thought I took 2 math classes for credit.  They made me jump thru a bunch of hoops and I would have taken the test right then and there.  I probably would have still failed the math but I could have gotten this ball rolling sooner.

I did take the CPT and I did fail the math.  I needed at least a 72 and I got a 33.  I can take it 3 more times.  I have lots of time to study since I can't get on a bike.

Chippendale invented the sofa and it was quiet a scandal.

The girls at the PT think I'm prissy.  I was complaining the anti embolism socks were getting dirty (I have bought another pair) and I changed my band aides to little hearts (I want my knee to know I love it so it will get better faster)

It seems silly to get up at "oh my God its early" when I don't have to drive out west for a bike ride...yet here I am awake at 5:45 and blogging.

Cherokee has 3 dialects.  Only 2 are used now...middle dialect and western dialect.  The eastern band (those who escaped the trail of tears) speak middle dialect.

I think its amazing how this universe works.  I hurt my knee and thought an acupuncturist would be a good thing but my insurance wouldn't cover it.  One Sunday I'm selling glasses and and acupuncturist comes in to buy glasses.  Oh course I didn't know that until she wrote the check off her business account.  She takes my insurance.  That really didn't work, my knee still hurt.  Jose starts riding with us.  Jose is a soccer player and notice me limping..after describing my pain he had the same thing and referred me to his sports medicine doctor.  When I get to see the doctor I find out he is also a Huff from his mothers side.  I still am going to Denice because I think acupuncture may not have fixed my knee but it has helped in so many other ways.  Jose not only referred me but he had some equipment from his surgery that I couldn't afford to purchase.
Now if I can just sit still long enough to heal I will be a stronger cyclist than I was before...patience has never been my super power.

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Oh, please sit still long enough......

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