Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seven Things I didn't Know Last Sunday

 Last week I was telling you how everything good seems to be standing in my path and waving.  I have another example.  My friend Kerry started a bike ride out west in the morning while I was attending that weight loss study.  On her birthday I wanted to go ride with her but with my knee hurting like it was I couldn't keep up with the A group.  The next time the ride was offered I rode with the B group and met Bryan.  Bryan just moved down here in August from Montgomery County Maryland but the surprising thing is he grew up in Southern Maryland.  OK here is where the Great Mystery is blowing my mind.  I want to go back to school...I have been jumping thru hoops to get counted what I did at Montgomery College and no luck.  I took the CPT again and failed the math again.  I was talking about it to Bryan and guess what he does for a living.....He teaches math at Broward college...he used to teach the course I took in MD at Montgomery College Rockville campus(I went to Gaithersburg Campus)  He is gonna help me pass that test.

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Linda said...

There's that "small world after all" thing again, eh? Good luck - I hates math!