Sunday, July 15, 2012

2nd Part of What I did on my summer vacation

After leaving my baby boy Thursday Morning I drove another 10 hours to Lurray Virginia for the annual T.I.T.S. Hash camp-out. I arrived too late for the first hash but made it in time for dinner. I set my tent up next to a Smutty Crab from Southern Maryland. They had a real nice set up for beer..we had choice of a red ale, bud light, Yuengling and a unnamed stout. They had a quick circle before dinner for the hash I missed and introductions. A lot of the songs are sung very differently and they do things a little different than the kennels I attend. After a dinner of BBQ sandwiches we played camp Jenga and beer pong well into the night.

The next morning after breakfast we all went down to the river for sitting. We took our chairs and our beer and sat in the river for hours. After lunch there was another hash I only made it half way..we crossed the river which was really tough. The current was strong and there was boulders and where the river had cut thru the mountain. Footing was tough. I met a Hasher named Blackie who helped me cross then we had to climb a huge hill..when the trail went into the woods I decided to go back. Blackie accompanied me..when we crossed the river again we saw the campers who had decided not to hash. They were sitting in the river about 3/4 of a mile away so we walked back by way of the river. We arrived at the B about 10 minutes before the FRB but the was no beer at the B. The beer truck stayed behind to wait for the slow walkers (that would be me) who never showed. The beer was back in camp just a shot walk up the hill. We had a circle a HAS-O-LIMPDICKS. This was an entertaining group of games the organizers planned. One memorable one the teams were given frozen t-shirts folded and wet in ziplocks...they had to get them unfolded and wear enterprising Harriet peed on her shirt to thaw it out right there in the circle of the audience. After dinner beer pong and tippy cup commenced but I hit a wall, after all that driving the day before I was bushed I went and laid down in the tent and dozed off under the fan. Necromizer woke me up about 10 to tell me there was a fireworks show down at the river. It was a good show for a private fireworks show..they set it up over the river afterwards I went back to bed. They had a nekked hash at 1 am but I was way too tired to play.
Saturday was the big day the tubing event. They blew up all the tubes with compressors and supplied cooler tubes for the beer and water. The first part was great the river was deep and we could float but the second half was rocky and rapids. I was tubing with Howdy and Necro but somewhere necro lost his tube and walked the rest of the way to the lunch stop. Howdy was great, he helped me over the worst of the rocks . When we got to the lunch stop on of my tubes had lost most of its air and Howdy took great pleasure in going all physcho on the other. We rode back to camp in the back of someones pickup.

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