Friday, July 13, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation part 1

This year for a vacation I actually left Florida for the first time since 2007. I drove from my home in Fort Lauderdale thru Florida and Georgia to Phenix City Alabama. Sean is stationed at Fort Benning Georgia which is just across the Chattahoochee river from Phenix city. My navigator could not find there home it is so rural. Jo had to come fetch me from the Winn Dixie. Being pretty spent after driving 10 hours I just enjoyed the grandchildren and the Pansit Jo made for my visit, watched Sean kill bad guys and leafed thru Jo's Passion Parties catalog Tuesday night. Wednesday we pretty much laid around the house and watched a movie. Alabama is having a heat spell and it was actually hotter there than at home with my ocean breezes. Around 5 we went down to the "Thunder on the Hooch" it was just too hot for the kids so we only stayed about an hour. Lily got crazy hair and we all had Hawaiian ices. One of Sena's army buddies lived in an apartment with pool so we all went there til darkness started to fall. We watched the fireworks from the roadside and then went to eat at Fridays. I left early Thursday morning for Luray Virginia, Sean got up to see me off and gave me a wubby in case I got cold while camping. Sean has a nice family and beautiful house, I wish I could visit more often.

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