Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The goddess of Love

This image is from the internet..no tree covered hills here in So. Florida ya know.

The goddess of love, the king of all Roman gods cavorted in a flirtatious dance under the Grandmonster's fingernail.

another internet photo..this was more like what I saw.

It was so bright I could see it without spectacles, while sitting in the hottub with steam rising into a chilly So. Florida night.

I love this place.


Linda said...

I can see why you love it there.

Wish I could take pictures like that!

Last Minute Lyn said...

Oh I didn't take those I got them off the internet. My camera doesn't take pics that good.

Wade said...

take the meds....

Mel said...

Listen to Wade.

And WOW.....what a way to view the stars.

I caught a glimpse of them last evening--NOT from a hot tub though.


Again--listen to Wade..... :-)